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Our Approach

to this whole doing business thing.

The way we see it, when you’re invested in your customers – they notice. When they notice, they are grateful and reciprocate the investment by offering kick ass testimonials, refer you to a friend or colleague, and come back for more products or services. But it’s impossible to be fully invested and committed to being the best for your customers when you’re bogged down running your business.

STREAMLINE YOUR BRAND. Create a consistent visuals for your communications & promotional material. These materials should reflect & align with who YOU are as a business.

DEFINE YOUR MARKETING TACTICS. Be clear about who your dream customer IS and where they are so that you can find those golden opportunities to stand out in the crowd.

FIND YOUR WOW! FACTOR. Identify your strengths and find those golden opportunities to consistently over-deliver & wow your clients and customers every. single. time.

SIMPLIFY & AUTOMATE YOUR PROCESSES. Map out your systems – we’re talking your *entire* business – so that you can find what’s sucking your time & energy… and then simplify it.

The perks of elevating your customer experience:

  • Your messaging is more consistent and less confusing for your audience.
  • Your customers and clients are impressed & feel like their business is appreciated; so they share. They spread the word, they come back for more, they bring you new business without you spending all that money & energy on marketing.

  • You are more confident selling your products & services because you’ve pre-planned & set up appropriate systems to consistently deliver.
  • Your life as an entrepreneur is less complicated, more enjoyable, and you wake up every day excited to run your business & take it to the next level.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Williams is the owner of Rebel Office. She is a MASTER of automation “with the human touch” and has a knack for noticing opportunity. Brand strategist and organization-nerd at heart, she live and breathes her values into Rebel Office.

Through her own trial and errors of running two very different businesses, she has learned that the best policy is ignoring what everyone else is doing and focussing on what you really love and feel in your gut is the right thing to do. She has seen and tried it all and honestly believes going against the crowd is the only real way to make it.

She has a passion for building up Canadian businesses, inspiring others to follow their dreams (because literally anything is possible if you set your mind to it, don’t you know?), and embracing opportunities.