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Our Approach

The way we see it, when you’re invested in your customers – they notice. When they notice, they are grateful and reciprocate the investment by offering kick ass testimonials, refer you to a friend or colleague, and come back for more products or services. But it’s impossible to be fully invested and committed to being the best for your customers when you’re bogged down running your business.

Because when you’re bogged down running your business, you start to check out. You stop being excited. You get overwhelmed and stressed out and panic and spend money where it shouldn’t be spent.

By actually taking the time to plan and think about the systems that you need in your business to be successful, you not only make your life way easier but the experience you offer is more consistent, thought-through and professional.

Making the time to get organized and re-ignite that passion is a win-win for everyone. And most of the time that’s what it comes down to – actually making the time and having the right tools in your toolkit to plan & take action the right way for you and your business.

How We Figured It All Out


Turns out running a business ain’t so simple. Especially the organization part. As people kept getting referred to me and Rebel Office by their connections, I kept getting overwhelmed because I wasn’t ready for them.

I would write up contracts as the jobs came at me, if I had them sign contracts at all. I would track my hours and time spent alllll over the place – in my planner for one project and in one of my notebooks for another and a spreadsheet for another…

I got burnt out. Real fast.

And not only that, but I was continuously questioning whether or not I was having a big enough impact on the world. These thoughts would definitely creep in after I had a bad experience with a client.

Every time there was miscommunication with a client and I had to step up and put my foot down or draw a line (sorry – no 101th draft revision for you), I would panic and convince myself this wasn’t for me.

I looked at what needed to be reorganized and what I really cared about. What did I love about running a business? What did I love about being an entrepreneur? What did I love about branding and design? I reviewed it all.

I researched programs. I cleaned up the ones I was already using. I started to actually USE programs to their full potential so that I could get rid of 5 others.

Rebel Office adopted the minimalism mindset. Even more, we adopted the concept of the Customer Experience, and we started to believe in the real value it had to offer.

And because of all of it, I’ve found my passion. I’ve created a business that helps entrepreneurs with the whole package. I’ve created a business that helps entrepreneurs with things that I needed someone to help me with and be transparent and honest with me about.

Rebel Office is here to help you make that time that you can’t seem to find (but it’s there), and create a business that is not only ready to accept all the success coming your way but also that you have FUN running.

To say that I figured it out the hard way would be an understatement. And the truth is, Rebel Office is a beautiful result of all that chaos and trial and error and error and error.

Originally, Rebel Office was a graphic design business. I started as a freelancer and it kind of just fell into my lap. I had zero training in graphic design but I’ve always been a quick learner and loved playing around in design programs. Y’all could say I had a knack for visual representation.

So as people learned that I had those skills (and that I was so cheap because I was TOTALLY undercharging), I quit my job at a consulting firm doing marketing for them and Rebel Office was born.

Now every experience I think has contributed to where I’m at today. Working at a consulting firm was great, but I continued to see how I would do things differently. I would be more honest. I would be more transparent. I would be more authentic. I would be more organized.

But that’s not the real reason – for the bad experience or why it wasn’t for me.

Bad experiences kept happening because I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t clear. I didn’t set clear expectations and I didn’t hold myself to them if I ever did.

So I called it. More importantly – I called myself out on it.

I had coasted for so long by doing the same thing over and over and over again instead of getting my ass in gear and doing what I know needed to be done.

So then, I just did it.

I slowly stopped accepting design clients. I started to turn down jobs.

I put my vacation responder on my email for 2 weeks. Then, I buckled down.

I looked at how I could be the absolute best for my clients. I didn’t want to disappoint clients anymore – I wanted to AMAZE them.