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The 4 Week Re-Ignite & Re-Organize Mastermind



  • You’re ready to check back in to your biz and re-ignite the fire for your passions + dreams
  • You want to seriously increase your income without working MORE + save time for more important things (like your clients + your LIFE)
  • You’re ready to finally attract clients that are aligned with your values + your biz + that will become your ultimate brand ambassadors
  • You’re ready to get organized and streamline your basic biz tasks + make the time to finally get it done
  • You’re ready to start showing up 110% for your business, your clients + your dream.

Our Approach


  • Identify + build a plan to overcome the beliefs that are holding you back
  • Get super clear on your brand, message and marketing strategy
  • Learn how to set realistic expectations so you never have a “bad” client again
  • Find your WOW factor so you can over deliver & exceed your clients expectations
  • Simplify & overhaul your business processes so they work FOR you, not the other way around.
  • Fall back in love with running your business again, feel the passion and fire inside of you, and be committed to showing up 110% for your clients every. single. day.
  • Be a member of an AMAZING network of tight-knit, super connected, super passionate female entrepreneurs ready to take on the world.

What's Included


  • 4 online workshops (1/week) each followed by a Q&A + 🍷 + networking round table session.
  • Daily chat access to me to chat 1:1 about any questions you might have throughout the program + overhauling your biz. Yay for accountability & super personal guidance!
  • Weekly homework with workbooks + doc templates included (trackers + planners + strategy & policy templates, oh my!)
  • Actionable steps to overhaul & streamline your branding, marketing, customer service AND general org processes.
  • Boss Babe Swag Bag. Just a little thank you from us to you.

Your Best Investment Is You

CAD $950 CAD $1550

We can hardly believe it ourselves. That’s nearly 39% MONEY KEPT IN YOUR POCKET. Plus you come out of it with an awesome network & a totally organized & functioning business.

It’s unreal. Except it’s not. This is totally real life.

WHY? Because we want to make sure that this program is PERFECT for you and for future Rebel Masterminders. All we want in return is your honest feedback along the way and at the end. Seem fair?

But there’s only 10 spots open for this pricing, which you will N.E.V.E.R. see again, so you don’t want to miss this.

The Curriculum



  • This first week is all about getting to know YOU. Who YOU are as an entrepreneur and as a business.
  • Brand building exercises to get SUPER clear on your values + what you want to represent as a business.
  • How you can use your brand to build trust, credibility and professionalism.
  • Tips for keeping your brand consistent in E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. you do.
  • Tools for building your brand & turning your vision into a reality.
  • What’s included: Brand Strategy Workbook; Brand Board Template; Brand Strategy Template


  • This week is all about getting insanely clear on who your absolutely perfect client or customer is… and then finding where they’re at + what they like so you can snag their attention & sell to them.
  • Tools for identifying and getting specific about who your dream client it & where they spend their time.
  • Brainstorming Breakaway Session to get creative about how to approach your dream client or customer.
  • Tips for staying organized & being consistent with your marketing activity (on & offline!)
  • Marketing basics: email automation, funnels, the basics of the most popular social media channels.
  • What’s included: Dream Client Workbook, Content Calendar Planner, Marketing Plan Template


  • This week is all about setting realistic expectations, not taking your own expertise for granted AND finding your WOW factor so that you can go on and exceed the expectations you’ve set.
  • Product or Service Offer Mapping + Review.
  • Step-by-step guide to finding your WOW Factor opportunities + knowing when to go above & beyond.
  • Automating your customer service without removing the human element from the equation.
  • Tools for managing clients or customers so that NO ONE gets lost in the shuffle and you stay stress-free.
  • What’s included: Client Binder Template, Finding your WOW Factor Worksheet, Offer Mapping Worksheet


  • The final week is all about getting specific and clear on what processes you need, what you don’t, and what parts of them are adding or taking away value. Then it’s about action.
  • Step-By-Step guide to map out processes from marketing to off boarding and client or customer retention.
  • Tools to bring into your business to help automate + save you time without taking away the personal experience
  • A look at: Time blocking, staying organized, using project management tools and more!
  • Real, actionable steps and guidance for creating policies and tidying up your business functions to get them where they need to be to move forward free of stress & chaos.
  • What’s included: Onboarding & Offboarding Mapping Worksheet, Tutorials: Creating project TEMPLATES in Asana, Creating a WORKFLOW in Dubsado, Creating EMAIL SNIPPETS with Streak so you never have to type the same email again

What Others Have To Say


Sarah from Rebel Office did a very detailed review of my customer service experience, and went above and beyond in going through every step. What I loved most is she highlighted opportunities for improvement and also suggested next steps for me to take. Everything was very specific to my business, and I really felt that she took time to understand my business, products, and think about how I can improve. Thanks to her review, I’m now confident in making changes to perfect the experience that my audience and customers receive! I would recommend working with Sarah and Rebel Office to anyone looking to improve their customer experience.

Alicia Grace
Alicia Grace Co.

Since working with Rebel Office our business has taken on a new life with a streamlined and consistent brand that gives our clients clear messaging about our services and our approach. Rebel Office has been so easy and great to work with. Their response times and turnaround times has been consistently fast and communication has flowed effectively throughout this process. We would recommend Rebel Office to anyone who wants to have a clear, concise, consistent and powerful brand and marketing strategy. Two thumbs up!

Matt Barnes
Southwest Counselling Services