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We’ve personally worked with and use these tools to help streamline and automate Rebel Office and our other ventures.

We invite you to check them out and see how they can help build processes in your business and improve your Customer Experience!

DUBSADO: Invoicing & Contracts

This program is the idyllic option for sending your clients contracts, on boarding forms and invoices. It allows you to set up “Workflows” to automate your form sending, email sending, payment receiving, contract signing process. Oh! And it’s completely FREE until you manage more than 3 clients with it. Use code *rebeloffice20* when signing up to save 20%!

ACUITY SCHEDULING: Appointment Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is great for scheduling all types of calls and meetings for your business. It’ll automatically send your booked calls reminder emails and easily let you set your own availability. As they say, “Never ask ‘What time works for you?’ again.” Just a heads up: the link above is an affiliate link.

ASANA: Project Management

Asana is a great tool not only for personal management and to-do lists, but keeping your team on track with specific tasks. For them and for your entire business. Share files, communicate, assign and manage all your business functions and departments in one app. You can even invite clients to it so they can see what they need to stay on top of!

STREAK: CRM Tool in Gmail

Streak is absolutely awesome if you use gmail or G Suite for your work email. It has a ton of great features, such as creating email templates (stop typing out the same email once and for all!), knowing when someone’s read your email, tracking a customer’s progress through your sales funnel, scheduling emails to go out at a later time and more!

MAILCHIMP: Email Marketing & Automation

Mailchimp is not only FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers, but it’s super flexible to whatever your needs are. Now that they’ve recently made email automation a free service too, it offers everything you need to stay connected with your customers (or potential customers) via their inboxes.

HOOTSUITE: Social Media Management

Plan, schedule and manage your social media accounts and posts in one place. It’s GREAT for getting all your content for the week or month ready to go in one sitting and connects with a ton of different accounts. Oh, and it’s a “freemium” model, so with limited features, you can still use it completely FREE!

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