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On Holding Yourself Accountable | The #RealTalk Entrepreneurship Series

This week on the #RealTalk Entrepreneurship Series, we get real about being held accountable for our dreams + your goals. We go over some tips to not only get clear on your goals + what needs to get done but also some methods for making sure it happens.

PLUS: If you’re looking for an accountability partner, Rebel Office has an awesome accountability program. Send Sarah an email for more details + pricing: sarah@rebeloffice.ca


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About Sarah Williams
Meet Sarah, founder of Rebel Office and customer experience architect. Running two businesses, one being Rebel Office and the other an e-commerce business, has provided Sarah with the tools, trials and experience that has attributed to her expertise and approachability that keep her clients coming back for more. She has consulted numerous clients on marketing strategy, content creation and lead generation, graphic design and process building. She has a passion for building up Canadian businesses, inspiring others to follow their dreams and to meet their true potential.
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