[Interview] How Mint Condition Digital Keeps Their Customers Coming Back

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As Rebel Office helps you create the ultimate experience for your customers or clients, we want to share with you some real-life examples of other companies doing a great job. Why? Because they’ve been in the same boat you’re in, and they’ve got some stellar advice to get you out of your funk and into your customer’s mouth as they share their positive experiences with you.

This week, we’re looking at how Mint Condition Digital, a brand strategy business that works with you to build up your social platforms to align with your business and brand. Check out how boss Elisha Davis keeps her customers coming back for more:

RO: Tell us a bit more about who you are and what your business is.

ED: I am the creator of Mint Condition Digital, a social brand service that helps small businesses and non profit organizations solidify their online presence. I began as a photographer almost 10 years ago. After attending art school and starting my own photography business, I was struggling with advertising my business and standing out above all of the other photographers in my area. Eventually, I fell in love with learning how to market and advertise my own business online and decided that I could help other small businesses by doing for them what I did for myself.

RO: Why do you think your customer’s experience is so important to your business’ success?

ED: Customer experience is so vital in a society where anyone can share their opinion online for the world to see. Large companies have had PR nightmares because of reviews that have been posted on Twitter and Facebook. Not only does exceptional customer service keep a client coming back, but it also gives a client good reason to give you a positive review online rather than a negative one. Unhappy customers are more likely to share their opinion online than happy customers.

RO: How has your business changed over time to improve your customers’ experiences?

ED: My clients now are provided with a personalized experience just for them. I used to offer “packages” for my services and realized that my clients were not getting exactly what they needed to be successful. Rather than offering a few different options for my clients, I provide them with a personalized experience that will set them up for success.

RO: What do you do specifically to make sure your customers are having an awesome experience with you?

ED: My local clients are seen at least once a month, in person, to ensure that their needs are met and any questions they may have are answered. If I have a client that is from another area, my dedication to them is through consistent communication of how their platforms are performing and to answer any questions they may have about our process and progress. I ensure that my clients are always heard and that their ideas are represented accurately in my work for them. Mint Condition Digital is a vehicle that represents their time, energy, and brand accurately online.

RO: How do you know your customers enjoy working with you? How does that make you feel?

ED: I know my clients enjoy working with me and my team because they come back. It is a satisfying feeling knowing that clients are receiving what they were searching for before they met me. It shows that me and my team are going in the right direction and that all of our hard work is paying off.

RO: If someone wanted to start stepping up their customer experience game in their own business, where would you tell them to start?

ED: Write your business goals. Not specific to your business, but specific to you as a business owner. Write down everything that you want to become, and everything that you need in order to be successful. When you know your brands identity, your clients expectations of you will be more clear and easier to reach. 

RO: For someone wanting to learn more about you and your business, where can they find you?

ED: We want to connect with you! The easiest way to reach us to say hi is by shooting us an email hello@mintconditiondigital.comIf you would like to learn more about what we do and connect with us on social media our website is www.mintconditiondigital.com and our Facebook is @mintconditiondigital

RO: Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

ED: Keep up all of your hard work business owners. Owning a business is like having kids; challenging, adventurous, and so very rewarding. Stick to it!

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